Wide-format printing

The printing company offers all kinds of indoor and outdoor advertising (labels; printing on vinyl, paper, wallpaper, film, canvas, etc.) to all clients, both small and large. Today, the choice of materials on the market is wide enough and the best individual solution can be found for each customer.

Production volumes include assembly and printing. We also provide the service of delivery of completed orders. Our loyal customers highly value our products. The key to success is the high quality of our products, the guarantee we offer, our individual approach to each customer and our willingness to deliver even the most "burning" orders with impeccable quality.

It is difficult to imagine a modern world without wide-format printing. Indoor and outdoor advertising, printed interiors, POS billboards and much more are made with wide-format printing.


POS, commercial inventory and equipment

The printing house offers high-quality equipment for display in stores. We represent the international brands POS production in the Estonian market. Our own warehouse enables fast delivery of production to the Baltic States and Scandinavia

Offset and digital printing

The printing house does not limit the client to its own printing facilities. We have a number of good partners who can handle orders of any complexity and volume. We also offer offset and digital printing. Depending on the customer's needs and the quality requirements and the deadline for completing the order, we choose the type of print that is best suited to fulfill the specific order.

Laser cutting

LaserlComputer-controlled CNC machine tools are used for laser cutting. Thanks to the high concentration of energy, 90% of non-metals can be processed by laser cutting: plywood, plastic, plexiglass, paronite, rubber, cardboard, paper and more.


The three-axis CNC machine enables milling in a predetermined vector program with an accuracy of up to 0.001 mm. With this machine you can cut and make large-scale embossed milling work to produce a variety of furnishings, facade decorations, furniture and more.

Stickers and paste

We produce stickers and labels on every possible surface. If you wish, we can design the stickers and carry out installation work.


Thanks to local agents and partners we can provide fast installation service in Estonia, the other Baltic States and Scandinavia.

We provide services such as installation of advertising banners, signboards and billboards, light boxes, light letters and self-adhesive film. We sign contracts for maintenance of advertising constructions and provide the service of replacement of illuminated lighting elements (lamps, choke, transformer) and surface cleaning.


Prindi.me provides logistical support during the execution of an advertising or marketing campaign. We have the experience, resources and staff we need to provide this service. We understand the specifics of running such campaigns and have extensive experience in the delivery and logistics of advertising and marketing materials.Prindi.me can do more than others. Thanks to our comprehensive logistic approach, customers receive a full range of logistic services, from the receipt of materials from the consignor, including abroad, to the delivery of specific promotional products across Estonia at the exact time.

Prindi.me suudab olla rohkemat kui teised. Tänu meie terviklikule logistilisele lähenemisele saavad kliendid terve komplekti logistilisi teenuseid: alates materjalide vastuv

Our services are as follows:
-assembly of billboards and presentation equipment
-packing and sending POS materials to customer addresses
-assembling gift and advertising kits